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Educating, Employing, and Empowering

People with disabilities remain underrepresented in schools, workplaces, and our communities. We aim to change that by leveling the playing field and equalizing access for all. 

The Viscardi Center ignites opportunities for children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities. Our programs and services were developed to ensure individuals and their families can explore and reach their personal educational and employment goals at every stage of their lives. 

In October 2023, we made a mission-driven strategic acquisition of Able Newspaper. Aligning with The Viscardi Center’s “3Es” (educate, employ, empower), the acquisition was an opportunity to enhance and expand upon our programs, services and advocacy. Now known as Able News, the media platform serves as a resource for amplifying perspectives of New York’s diverse, vibrant disability community.

Disability Snapshot

61 Million

Americans have a disability, which equals to 1 in 4 

1 in 4

Disabled individuals live in poverty


participate in the labor force vs. 77% for people without disabilities 


of disabilities are acquired during a person’s lifetime 

a disabled child wearing headphones in front of a computer


Laying the groundwork for academic success and continued learning in the classroom and beyond.


Setting a clear career path through hands-on training, professional guidance, and placement in rewarding jobs.

Girl smiling as she works in a clothing shop.
Disabled teen with colorful outfit in his wheelchair


Developing the tools and confidence for independent living and full community participation.

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