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Expanded Community Connections

$1.55M Investment

We all strive to discover purpose in our lives, to be a part of something larger, to find motivation and achieve personal growth through the activities we engage in each day. For many people with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, daily life without a structured program means days spent at home in isolation. The Viscardi Center will invest in expanding our popular programs that offer to adults of all ages a connection to community, recreational and educational opportunities, and independent living skills. Through these programs, we will continue to serve those who have graduated from the Henry Viscardi School and other Viscardi programs, aiming to serve both individuals with disabilities and the family caregivers who love and support them.


  1. Continue to serve those who have graduated from the Henry Viscardi School and other programs
  2. Provide ongoing connections to community, educational and recreational opportunities, and independent living skills
  3. Offer engaging programming to those we serve while offering support to caregivers

Community Inclusion Hub – $1.1M

The Viscardi Center plans to renovate one of the buildings on its campus to create a multi-use space for fostering independent living skills. This space will provide a home -like setting for enriching recreational and social experiences for people with disabilities. This project will also benefit caregivers; by building our capacity to offer engaging programs, we partner with family caregivers to give them time to recharge and return with renewed energy to care for their loved ones.

Day Programs Without Walls – $450K

Our Day Programs Without Walls offer personalized, community-based, and social learning experiences to adults with disabilities who would often otherwise be homebound. In these year-round programs, participants engage in a diverse set of activities in the community, including opportunities to volunteer, visit off-campus sites, and practice independent living skills. Families in our community have requested extended evening and weekend program hours. This very popular program has a waitlist, and funding would allow The Viscardi Center to remove the barrier to welcoming additional participants by growing our fleet of vehicles specially equipped to provide accessible transportation for wheelchair users.

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