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Cultivating employee pride and engagement increases trust, builds morale, and helps attract and retain talent. Elevating the employee experience by giving back to the community—while also offering employees meaningful opportunities to be personally involved and aware—contributes to building a culture of “doing well by doing good.”

The skills and talents of our partner companies and their employees have greatly enhanced The Viscardi Center, and in turn, these partnerships have offered companies an extraordinary way to expand their reach in the community and to enhance their cultures as great places to work.

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“I am filled with pride and purpose knowing that through my volunteer time, I can create a brighter future for students at the Henry Viscardi School. It’s gratifying to know I work for a company that engages its employees to support the community through the power of education.”

Carolina Salazar
Project Manager, Broadridge

“I am privileged to be a part of The Viscardi Center Family since 2000. This organization’s mission to educate, employ & empower, is paramount to ensure inclusivity and equity for people with disabilities. I am proud to work for a company that encourages and promotes giving back to the communities we serve. At Gap Inc, we say we do more than sell clothes. We stand for unity, compassion and humanity.”

Tina Petallides-Markou
Regional HR Manager, Gap, Inc

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“I am inspired by the programs and services taking place at The Viscardi Center. The impact they have by providing an accessible, inclusive, and equitable world for a population that is so often overlooked is incredible. It’s our pleasure as an organization to support The Viscardi Center in Helping Health Happen.”

Kyle Guerin
Director Corporate Social Responsibility, Henry Schein

“Our partnership with The Viscardi Center embodies the very essence of connection and shared purpose…This collaboration has been instrumental in fostering a strong sense of understanding and empathy within our airline.”

Robert Bilak
Head of People, JetBlue Travel Products

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We would be pleased to work with you to find the best way to recognize your support and design a partnership that would be most beneficial to your organization and its team. Some potential benefits of becoming a corporate partner:

  • Personalized thank you videos from our students and program participants that can be shared across your entire company
  • Opportunities for recognition at annual events and with prominent naming opportunities
  • Free advertising space in Able News, the foremost disability publication in the NY Metro and Long Island region (Viscardi is the owner and publisher)
    Qualified, pre-screened job applicants with disabilities to enhance your DEI efforts
    Guidance on ADA compliance and accessibility at your physical space, as well as digitally
  • A selection of meaningful engagement and volunteer opportunities for employees, such as:
    • On-site visits at The Viscardi Center, including tours of the campus Engagement with students and adults (e.g., mentoring, reviewing resumes, offering interview practice sessions, etc .)
    • Participation in Viscardi wheelchair basketball games
    • Additional volunteer opportunities tailored specifically to your company
    • Ready-made communications such as videos that you can use to easily communicate the good work you are doing to all your employees and other constituents as you wish

To discuss the Corporate Partnership Program, please contact Chief Development Officer Lauren Marzo at (516) 465-1593 or complete this contact form.

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