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Did you attend or graduate from the Henry Viscardi School? Have you participated in one of The Viscardi Center’s youth transition, PROSPER, or employment training/placement programs? Reconnect, advocate and access valuable resources as a member of the Viscardi Alumni Association.

Our Goal

The Viscardi Alumni Association connects alumni with a rich network of likeminded peers. It’s an opportunity to advocate for and share information about public policy, employment, health care, and other current issues people with disabilities face every day. There is no fee to join.  

Why We’re Here

We’re an organized voice for the disability community on a local, regional, and national level. We offer opportunities for alumni to network, attend and volunteer at events hosted by The Viscardi Center, as well as get involved in social gatherings, sports activities such as our popular Alumni Wheelchair Basketball program, and informational sessions throughout the year. Viscardi Alumni are also eligible to purchase tickets to Viscardi events at a discounted rate.

Interested in Learning More?

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