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Meet Stephen P.

Internship, Financial Services Work Provides Foundation for Aspiring Lawyer.

Meet Stephen P.
“Emerging Leaders… gave me the confidence to believe that I could succeed in corporate America.”

Stephen completed his B.A. in psychology in May 2013 from Baruch College in New York City. During college he was involved with the Pre-Law Society, comprised of undergraduates interested in pursuing legal education and careers. To that end, he helped secure alumni and admissions staff to provide students a better understanding of the law school application process. 
Last summer he completed an internship at Prudential Financial in Newark, NJ, one of the world’s largest financial services institutions. Working in the management office of the Global Business Program, two accomplishments included: creating a two-year timeline outlining how the company can save money through environmentally-friendly printing, and creating a detailed database of 90 résumés, simplifying candidate searches. The experience was made possible through the National Business & Disability Council at The Viscardi Center’s Emerging Leaders Summer Internship Program for College Students with Disabilities - a highly-competitive program placing college and graduate students with disabilities in summer internships across the U.S.   
He credits the program as a foundation for his success, “Emerging Leaders turned me into a young professional and it gave me the confidence to believe that I could succeed in corporate America….I would recommend this program to everyone I know with a disability because it is a very empowering program.”

Stephen currently works as a junior analyst for Credit Suisse in Manhattan - a leading financial services firm - in their Compliance Academy, a one-year program for young professionals. His main responsibility is due diligence - interacting with and verifying information from prospective clients to facilitate agreements. It could lead to a full-time position when the program concludes in November 2013. Excellent evaluations give him a good chance.

Going forward, he plans to attend law school and become a public-interest lawyer, perhaps working for the Department of Justice or the Securities and Exchange Commission. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys exercising and sports, basketball and football in particular.

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Our Transition Services Program for students with a variety of disabilities now offers separate program services for students, age 18 – 21, who have satisfied the state educational requirements and are eligible to receive further career development, instruction and support.

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